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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Relationships matter is always around us, you can't ignore and practically you can't live without it.

Recently, my friend is quite emotional because she keeps wandering around and feels that her boyfriend doesn't love her anymore, and fret about it just because they didn't meet each other for around 4 days ever since he start schooling, and she feels that her bf not taking an initiative step to get a chance for them to meet each other, c'mon la, i feel that it doesn't matter that who took the initiative step, it actually revealed the egoism in themselves. I told her, every relationships need its own SPACE, is not that i am some love professions or what, it has been told in the drama series since i was young XD Precisely, different people have their own way to deal with their lover, i totally agree with that, some people get used to spacious relationships, they need not meet each other everyday, and some people are the contrary. Another friend of mine didn't meet her bf for almost one month, i bet she miss him plenty though she never said it out, it doesn't seems to have any problems between them. They still going through nicely?? i hope so...>.<>Just clutches your hands tightly and walk till the end, FAIRY tales still exist....it's so surreal i know, anyway it's just how you see it and how you act.

Sometimes, we just need to stand outside the box and see, you might see different things through a new angle, maybe he just need some time for adaption? Or he thinks that you needed space because that he's freshly infatuated with you?? eh?? why sounds so wrong wan? anyway, i hope you can get what i mean..XD maybe he's busy with his assignments as you said, to bond a relationship is not easy, even in a family , moreover it's love relationship?? you can't expect everything will goes as how you thought of, of course, there are ups and downs to make your life astonishing, isn't it? don't think too much, and even if you think too much, thinks POSITIVELY and make life EASIER, you don't want a harder life rite?? being stubborn apparent will make your life harder, girl, take my words, if he doesn't love you, he will not pay so much attention on you at first, and all of us can see how he loves you, and so do you. It's inevitable to meet such problems in relationships, not having a bottleneck also is totally impossible, encountered setbacks in life, is a part of your life.

talking about relationships, i want to talk about friendships matters, it's bothering me recently,
talking about group events, we have the chance to hangout TOGETHER but then there's still so much problem, what's wrong with us??? if don't want to hangout, just be honest, i don't want to force anyone to participate, i am giving hope on our friendship but it seems not working, and i almost disheartened, what so hard of just hanging out??? does it bother your life?or blocking you from paying attention on other things??i just don't get, it doesn't take you much time, for only few hours...nah, don't want to talk about it anymore, FML, it let me down.T.T

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