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Thursday, January 7, 2010


I M SO SURE that it will be a torment for me and my friends in these few days, ahead of us lays a 4 days of non-stop assignment-ing "marathon" !!!! Our trust assignment due date falls on the 12th, but i put my entire efforts on my land law assignment and practically forget about my TRUST LAW!!!! WTF... DREAD of it coz literally i got nothing about TRUST in my mind!!!!!!!! i'm so dead!!!!! i m still in my introduction part and still trying my best to get what does the question means =.= must know the question only can answer rite???? regret is too late now T.T
i'm the one who was not listening in class..no one to blame..i did listen, i swear, JUST NOT SO concentrate i supposed...

tonight, i'm so fucking pissed off because my mum aroused my rage!!! !WTH!!!! keep on saying i like this fella and that fella and suspecting i m in love!!!WTF rite??? i "or see also em dak han" still got time to paktoh meh??? [translate: toilet time also not enough still got time to date and in love meh??] i got no time for all these!! can't you be more understandable??? i got no time even to think about it!!!! really so pissed off!!!! really cannot bear with her!!!! i was so effing tired and came back by train, once i get in the car ,keep telling me this type of stuff, seriously i got no patient to bear with her!!!still trying to said i vented all my anger towards her cuz i m in my bad mood...who's the one who keep on harping on this issue and made my mood went bad???
at last, i heaved a deep breath and i stopped quarreling and walked away, she's still my mum anyway...i know i have really bad tempered, even towards parents...i m really trying to change this atrocious habit... apparently, i need more time...*cough*

well, not going to talk about this anymore...dampen my spirit and spoils my mood...=.= it's already 12 now, what to do??i just wrote around 70 words only...we still have evidence class at 10 tomorrow morning...should i or should i not go to bed now???*yawn* well, i have the answer now, give me 15 minutes more to write a few words then, if not i will caught in insomnia AGAIN...=(

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