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Friday, December 4, 2009

TODAY 12/4

today is quite an eventful day, though just shared a couple of hours of time with few of them, i felt so happy and GAY[happy]XD
Class was bored but then had fun teasing and playing with the TWO LINGS, i'm wondering when MR RAJAN will chased us out of the classss >.<
i despise you!!!!

Guess what??? me mel sy tc and nic wearing BLACK today!!!!we're like MAFIA in black, really so cool, the best thing was, we never plan it!!!!

the mafias

followed tc to top up his Touch & GO and it was drizzling out there...Then met up with UNCLE AND AUNTIE in TS, got the car keys and WALKED through buildings to buildings to get the car and we had loads of exercise and fun i guess!!!!WE SWEAT HELL ALOT!!! owh..haven't tell you guys why we followed him, cause he's giving us a ride to SUBANG...he's going to meet his DARLINGS in PYRAMID...*drools XD
really enjoyed singing in his car and played around and shouted in the car...WE HAD FUN!!!

had our repleted lunch in asia cafe, had the BEST dessert in snowflakes AGAIN, bet you wanna have a try!!!!you can choose your favourite toppings and the ice is made by SOYA...HOW HEALTHY RITE???TEIK CHI YOU MISSED OUT AGAIN!!!!don't tell me you wanna go on diet >.<had a short catched up with daniel soon

moi and mel love the soya ice

sy look so pretty here,guess the lighting did a great job >.<

moi and baby mel-i look weird

After that we met up with SY'S KL and we walked to subang ktm station and mel's boo boo ah, got bf edi don't want us, chased us to another bench and she sit down with the bf in another side, anyway they look so blissful and so sweet and we're like hallucinated, well i know, couples live in their own world,
so, ENJOY THEN SY AND KL, sounds irony rite??? I purposely did that!!!XD

we're so hallucinated..nvm!!!we camwhore!!!

SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!got love, drink water also full =) -direct translate frm cantonese

sent mel to aeon jusco and back home and watched tv and i blogged!!!
THE END of today


1 comment:

SiNgyING said...


1) i didn't sit at other side ok? we stand.
2) u both come la my side. ownself go sit down summore blame me ah!
3) i didn't dump u both la! u both ownself halau me away. go find u all say XIU XIU! kns!

it's a fun day anyway =)