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Sunday, December 20, 2009

a small conclusion for this week

doing ass in starbucks for 6 hours with tc

I would like to call this week as AN ASSIGNMENT WEEK, fretting like shit.
DREAD TO have 4 ASSIGNMENTS in a row and all the due date falls on JANUARY.
YES YOU'RE RIGHT, 4 ASSIGNMENTS!!!! and check today's date!!! 20th of December 2009!!!! =.= WTH rite???it's all solo assignments + 1 viva assignment!!! minimum words needed for every assignment=2000 words!!!!
Apparently, it's harder than the 1st year assignment, for that, you can definitely hang out every single day and do it the day before it's due date????i'm one of the last minute gang and how am i supposed to slog at it with the I'M GONNA FINISH ONE ASSIGNMENT PER DAY intention???
well, i gotta finish it no matter what right?? i supposed it to be YES

holiday just started since 17th of December,
it's the YEAR END SALE...and CHRISTMAS is in a glimpse!!!
guess what, i still haven‘t brought any single thing for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
save me hell out of tha BOOKS AND ASSIGNMENTS and bring me out!!!!!!WHERE is MY SUPERMAN????? leave it, there's no superman out there and even he does exist, he wouldn't appear and save me, know why??there's till lotsa pretty girls out there for him to SAVE XD
nola nola, i m just kidding, Michelle gotta whack me if i m trying to look down at myself...>.<

feeling weird nowadays
friends are all lost...*it's holidays!!who the hell will give a damn about me??
"true friend doesn't need maintenance" this is the best line I've ever heard in my life
it's so true,
as what you said, even we don't talk for few days, once we meet up we can do many silly things together....
please don't be too proud of what you've said...XD you know who you are^.^
but then some friends if we really appreciate them, you will try everything you can do to fix it
it was just 4,5 years back,the same situation, i tried really hard to save our friendship, but then,
well, i failed, no one will appreciate you though you changed alot for them
another friend told me, "you doesn't need to change and force yourself to make them happy, just be yourself."
i m too silly then, i will be in dilemma when it comes to friendship matters, idk what to do and what to say,
LEAVE IT THEN, everything will be fine....i guess


穷光蛋市长 said...

haha……OMG~~~2000 word!!!so many!@@

add oil!wish god willing you!^^

Merry christmas……^^

~eRiC~ said...

If only doing assignments like blogging.... bet you'll hit that minimum words like piece of cake.. haha

Fion Chow said...

hahaha....i hope it's like blogging but hell no...i gotta rack my head every time i think abt it....T.T