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Thursday, December 3, 2009


haven't been here for such a looooooooooong time,sorry peeps!!!!
too little time too much work ><
i really don't like this Pc!!!! takes very long time to upload and download. Don't feel like touching it anymore though i m touching it now as i have no other options since my lappie is still in ICU...T.T
how SAD T.T
and i still haven't upload my Aussie trip pics yet, and by the time when my lappie is back, i don't think i have the mood to upload pics which are up to 300 pieces????guess NOT???see your luck then. If my friends nag for it MAYBE i will XD
BTW, today is quite an upset day for me as 2 of my friends are in their bad mood???
both cranky and quiet, I'm not used to it, as both of them like to make fun of people and they can make me laugh easily. And I'm not sure what are they fretting about, but then guys only fret for girls and money rite????correct me if i m WRONG??!!!
keep comforting one of them and he told me his problem, erm.,i did mention it in my previous post, [scroll back to have a look]it's quite a HARD CORE...
and i don't know what happened to the other guy and hope he's really fine
me and mel worried about them cause we're really close friend???
i think that way but idk what they think about us. Anyway, nothing cannot be solved, there's a solution and reason for everything, don't think too much, not good for you..since i can't help on anything,that's my advise. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.
friends forever!!!!GAMBATE FOR ONE OF THEM...no matter what's the answer FACE IT with courage and we're always here for you!!!!!XD
AND wish everyone have an awesome weekend...XD my evan yo!!!sorry that i couldn't get there please forgive me!!!T.T

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