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Friday, December 25, 2009


impressive and SWEEET-christmas in paris

there's a clause saying ppl tends to lose their virginity on Christmas Eve...lol
do not narrowed my words...i was just being rhetoric... XD
i had a really save and bored Christmas Eve..chatting non stop in msn and that's all for my Christmas??

well, that's not an end
i still have a celebration with friends tonight though, with my beloved gang of high school mates...
the really close one, which i mentioned in the previous post...
can't wait to be there now...while waiting time to pass, blogging is always my 1st option =)

Christmas used to be my best holidays throughout the whole year when i was young..
i used to celebrate this festive with my families as in the whole Chow family, Cheng family and others relatives
had fun every year
and will dolled up nicely and waiting anxiously for our feast, TURKEY and all replete foods made by relatives...everyone gorged after it's READY...especially kids!!!!
it had been 2 years , they are not having this celebration[after jassmine went to taiwan]
what a pathetic day for me...luckily i have my friends
to keep me occupied and happy this two years....THANK YOU EVERYONE
owh..forget to mention abt PRESSIE...used to receive 10++ pressie every year..
miss those nice memories

that day teck chun asked me:"where's your college friends???"
i told him:" they have their own friends, no time for me i guess.."
i hope that's not their answer anyway...XD
i m so bad....


and A happy NEW YEAR
and hope everyone has a blast this year!!!!!!!


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SiNgyING said...

eh how can u answer like tht?!
say til we like tht la now. kns u!