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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Looking back YEAR 2009 *edited*

warning:this might be a super duper long aka lengthy post ever...=)
doubt???scroll down and have a look XD

this is the very 1st time i wrote the title before the post
well, looking back year 2009,
tears, laughters, everything keep flashing back
this year, 2009
Starting of the year, i was wondering will it be a BRAND NEW LIFE for me this year???in fact, it is.
I was a freshly graduated high school new bird unlike other people which had already started their college life one year earlier than me or longer,
i was petrified at first when entering to BAC because i m from Chinese independent school and
my 1st language is definitely to be Mandarin...*tears* English English English!!!never thought of
this matter before, i thought it was easy to communicate in English because in high school, i used to be in the so called "ADVANCE" class...what to do??it's my choice..
The very 1st day of orientation, i knew Shanker, Sabin, Trishil and a few of them if i'm not wrong...even had lunch with Joanne, Sabin, Trishil and and and who else??omgee...i can't even remember, well, leave it...who cares who i had lunch with????XD i don't care neither...luckily
they are friendly and outspoken, if not i would've eaten my lunch ALONE...*emo*
anyways friends came easily after that???mel started it 1st..and she's the 1st chinese i knew, and sy's the 2nd one, i have no courage to approach to anyone due to the language plus some sorts of anti social genes in me...
we started to form our own gang..me mel sy daniel melvin tc winghoe aaron nicholas
SO CALLED a GANG...winghoe left after 2 months..

starting of the year everything goes smoothly
we hang out together, had our lunch together, skipped class together, shop together,play bball, bowling together...celebrate birthday together..we're getting closer and closer

having group chat in msn EVERY NIGHT...
all of us were wondering how did we get so close in like 1 week time???
i was wondering too...@.@
we even missed each other during the chinese new year holidays...haha...never tried this before
i thought friendship doesn't built up easily and in this case, it works...
however, friendship without a base will collapse easily...
and it happened i think???
hahaha...anyway...we're still friends until now...
me mel and tc getting closer because of the so called "study group" between us
and sometimes sy and nic might joining us...i think we're getting better frm days to days??

on the other hand,
This guy which impressed me a lot, with his Aussie accent and his not so real story??MR M...
fell for him??? in the very 1st day???not really...maybe throughout the whole orientation??
he might be proud of his pick up artist thing if he read this, FYI he's the jerk which i mentioned in my previous previous post..just scroll down..i don't care whether he reads this or what, spam my blog if you want...凸..NAH!!i m giving you this...WOAH..girls are not as easy as you think...if you are bitching with me..trust me you don't wanna mess with girls!!!!telling all the girls out there, there's something call pick up artist and Google it if you want..BEWARE OF THOSE WOLF...*grins*
hahaha..omgeee..the scandalous thing is all exposed under the sun!!!!!and i choose to expose,while EVERYONE KNOWS it....*smile*
happy to get along with mayling myee...it was like one of a sudden we stick to each other quite often,i think our group merged
and then mich simone ling and nanthini, we were getting closer because of the gym
and really close to mich i think...she declare me as the JI MUI, so i supposed her to be one of my best friend also....and i m also getting closer with her biological mui mui,Cynthia...XD
i get through many things, assignment-and my assignment still in progress
friends argued, the most DRAMATIC one--advising on the train
trip to melaka - unforgettable experience with them
staying over in kajang - going to be our "culture", langat hill
prom night- clubbing [and i m still a clubbing virgin] *tears*
1st happy to get along with other groups like mich mayling myee them
2nd gain a lot of experience
3rd learnt to be strong
4th friends are precious
5th yinwei become fion...XD lol
6th still dieting frm starting of the year
7th still liking evan yo and peterpan
9th friends are meant to be friends
10th missing daniel and stef
11th thank you for celebrating my bday
i m excited for 2010!!!!XD

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