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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


what are friends for??

Came back from kajang and many things pass through my head
time really flies so fast
we known each others for almost a year
though i like to compare you guys with my high school friends
and sometimes i can't get used to it
but then i love you guys as much as i love my high school gang
cross my heart
not lying
i complaint about the matters that happened in our gang
and what i can't get used to it or what i fret about our friendship
because i really do care about you all
just told mel about it
keep flashing back
do we still have a chance sitting down playing poker cards and laugh like no one's at home???
do we still have a chance to play LEFT FOR DEAD again in CC???
do we still have a chance to watch LAME movies AGAIN????
DO WE?????i don't know
god knows
left not much time for us
going UK soon
who the hell can tell us will we meet again???

i cherished our friendship
what about you all???
i enjoyed hanging out with you guys
playing basketball badminton
watching MTV and judge those celebrities
and teasing each other and make fun on each other
late night chats
painting nails and so much more...

i m so blurr now
i don't know what the hell i am talking about
just ignore
last thing
good night peeps and i love all of you
no matter you're my friend or my best friend or a blogger or a passerby
take care

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