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Sunday, November 22, 2009

longest post ever!!!

SERIOUSLY i don't know how to start!!!!so many things to write, so many things flying through my head, well, let the pictures do the talks first.

the cutest president...XDkelvin goh

Mr william RAWKS with the BASS GUITAR!!!impressive

not wine lol..

the klang ones

moi and tc

mr arnold wanna proves that his choice to divorce is CORRECTO!!XD

moi and Ashwin

nice ambiance awesome decoration

camwhore in the toilet is a MUST!

sy and moi
the guys and mr arnold...

group pic

i was fretting about my make up, hair, dress, accessories for the past few weeks, it was before my aussie trip..lol!!!! was webcaming with baby mel and asked her what should i wear!!????!!!
And the day before prom, it's her turn!!!!she was damn nervous,she was like sitting on the edge"toga or halter neck, toga or halter neck??""how about the excessive cloth?????""should i wear earings or not???"nevertheless i got totally no feeling about it....
i called sy and my emoness spread to her...HAHAHA...
kinda sien cause i think i m not so into it due to some no partner issues or due to the no heels issues???anyway sorted out the latter issue as i borrowed a pair of heels from my buddy---NICOLE!!!
thanks for the heels, it suits me well!!!!
reached sys' house around 5...
should get started la BABE!!!!!!after few times of nagging only she willing to move her ass and get ready.
Talking about her, her bf don't let her to wear the short 1 and wanted her to wear the long dress which not suits her and that dress really make her B**BS bloated!!!!!!!
OMGAWD, luckily she took my advise and she wore that shorter dress....
she was so pretty that night!!!!!and she should thanked me for the MAKE UP!!!WAHAHAHA..so proud of myself!!!!
okay i shall stop national disgrace here.
i knew i look fat, just ignore my flabby arms ya.
after everything were done, we chat and waited for myee and her bf...waited around 45 mins then she reached. Once i get into the car, WOW!!! she's pretty,seriously!!!!KimChin[seriously i don;t know how to spell and pronounce his name] should be so proud of his gf man,hahah!!!!

damn sweet both of them

puzzled in mont kiara cause we don't know the way but at last we made there...
i m getting nervous idk why???? maybe because first time wearing like that????T.T when we entered the grand ballroom...i was STUNNED =.= WTH
my 1st prom really cannot compare with this, GREAT AMBIANCE and nice lighting and damn nice decorative, our table, our seats!!THIS IS WHAT WE CALL WORTH IT!!!!just 65 bucks!!!i really gotta clap for the prom night committee members,they really did a good job!!!!!!we're SO PROUD of you guys!!!!!
frankly speaking, all the girls dolled up were so so so pretty,but then i don't dare to say i m one of them, because i m really effing fat..you can see from the photos...mayling was so princess, mel was effing seductive and trishil nearly made me cannot recognize her!!!!!!OMGAWD...she's so SIZZLING HOT!!!plus her bf, they can broke the thermometer!!!!!!!XD

the sizzling hot coupleXD really miss her lots...

And the guys, *ahem*some really look cool and sizzling hot, and some just normal. Nothing more to comment about them
anyway, this prince bell right..so randomly and come to me and said i am so lenglui...Flattered wei...XD hahahaha so happy!!!!sy straight forward said:"WHAT ABOUT ME???am i hallucinated?"XD made bell so ganjiong saja...XD
talking about FOOD-----not bad!!! it's just a college prom!!but then the food were not bad at all...and it was replete!!!thanks to the committee member again, the performance were great but then half of the time we were all outside the ballroom..camwhoring and talk talk talk, took lots of photo as well, but then to me it was not enough!!!!seriously!!!!!AT LEAST must REACH 1000+ okay??but i think all the camera's pic add up will more than that...XD
MR Rajan really was so awesome!!!!!A LECTURER with a beautiful voice and powerful voice which i cannot even compared with...he really was the king of the night man...brought everyone's spirit up!!!!!
Mr William was impressive also...i really cannot imagine he's also a rocker!!!!
THE NIGHT was full of fun as when the DJ came out...EVERYONE HIGH till the MAX!!!!you spin my head right round!!!NANANA!!!!i know you want me!!!!HOTEL ROOM SERVICE!!!XD
our gang all dance till don't know like what...CRAZY ppl..or monkey perhaps???
i know someone sure will give me this look =.=
cause i even stand on the chair and dance like crazy...kan I TOLD YOU I M WILD AND I'M NOT QUIET AT ALL?????!!!!XD
tc said the real club is even MORE ppl !!!doubled!!!!how can it be??????that place already so crowded..and my leg hurts like hell man!!!HEELS KILLS MY LEG!!!
the presence of Steff and Daniel really made us all so happy!!!!!!!really miss you guys!!!!!luckily you guys came, if not the night will not be perfect !!!!LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw,where is AARON???we all look so nice in this pic....STOP COMPLAINING!!

and then melissa went home EARLIER...SAD CASE, cause after she left only the party begun!!!!!!!!!only after 15 mins i think....T.T too bad her mum and dad picked her so early yesterday night...aih...

got something to share, TC sptted someone!!!LOL!!!!!!i m so gonna tell you all!!!!!she's so pretty and nice....XD talked to her once and she's friendly...XD her smile is so cute!!!!XD
he's so going to SLAP ME AND SPANK ME!!!!XD dont tell him!!!!XD

MYEE SO SWEET WITH KC.....KISSED HIM!!!XD OMGAWD!!!!!SHOWING LIVE!!SY missed this show...hahaha...matching pairs....XD

but then really enjoyed the night...
sorry that we can't make it to the NEXT SESSION...i really wanted but then SORRY...
anyway there are still some nice photos here....XD

tc and sy

the gays

the 3 of us
hot +pretty
like this pic though i am not in..
sexy babe=mel

fion's surrounded by all the guys!!WOOT SO HANGFUK!!XD

mel and moi...XD love her...

me and nicholas look so retarded la....XDhahaha....


Mel said...

WOOTS! NICE POST!!!!!!!!!!! hahhahh! Wish I wrote something like that also but NO INSPIRATION LA T.T hahahha really nice night though ^^ but yeah, pictures not nice la hahaha

~eRiC~ said...

Not wine? then? ribena? LOL

fufu said...

wow so many pictures =p nice!!! must be a great moment i assume!

Fion Chow said...

eric-hahaha...grape juice???i thought it was ribena too..XD

fufu:yeah..it was a great time..we had a blast that night..