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Friday, October 16, 2009


yesterday went to sing k in time square,then after that went to watch movie with college mates
kelvin said it's pretty scary,and Mayling so eager to watch it, so we all said yes.
but then freak mengyee out!!!she never watched horror movie. At last, she made her biggest concession!! BRAVO MYEE!!!
It's like some scientific movie, with some really "nice" sound effect.
mengyee closed her ears so that it will not freak her out, she said we're all paying to scared ourselves,wasting money, haha!!!!
yeah, but do you realized there are loads of horror movie draw large audiences???? you can see that people love to do such things, and SO DO I.... i pay to freak myself out ^^
Pandorum will definitely made the Sci-fi Fans SCREAM OUT LOUD. Just make yourself properly seated and JUST PREPARE TO SCREAM!!!!XD
Haha,you cannot even breath properly throughout the whole movie,every scene is CATCHY, you gotta keep it on your toes and there's no any toilet break for you!!there are also LOADS OF TWIST, unpredictable ones. I bet you will not want to miss any parts of the movie, but WARNING: a lil GORY T.T they have really terrible MUTANTS,and they eat human like some ogre, in fact they are OGRE. They devoured everything!!!! Even their same kind, they get mutated because of the nuclear thing i think. The plot and the sound effect keeps us on the edge of our seats throughout the whole movie...creepy..Those human and alien war always needs heroes to sacrifices themselves,in Pandorum,there's an Asian man sacrifices himself...IDK what country he comes from,he just spoke language that we don't understand...and there's no subtitles....there's a LARGE TWIST on him, it's the climax i think...
it will definitely be one of the best movie of the year in my list!!!!

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