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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


thanks melissa-for acompaning me by webcaming
thanks sy-for the support you gave
thanks daniel-the msg you sent to me last night...
thanks nicholas-for giving me lots of supports in msn nor real life...
thanks shakira-for sending tonnes of msg telling me not to worry
thanks trishil-for sending msg to ask me to work hard
thanks nadeeka-for sending msg to support me..
thanks nick-for leaving comments here to ask me not to worry
thanks sugee-for asking me not to worry through FACEBOOK
thanks aaron-for giving me support through msn
thanks my gang of friend in kampar and klang...
thanks my grandma
thanks everyone that gave me support during this exam week
i really do appreciate it...
i really love it the way you guys treated me~
i will study hard!!!!!!!!!
though i ruined my criminal exam this morning...
still hoping it can pass....BT...no but...prepare for the neXT 1...ELS....
i ruined my ELS assignment...so i gotta really study much for this.....
hopefully can pass!!!!

1 comment:

Nick尼克仔 said...

Sure you can pass la!!
Get As too~
all the best!