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Saturday, August 8, 2009


and that's my s2pid HEADPHONE!!!!FUCK!!!

yesterday was my CLR exam
anyway,too bad i don't want to talk abt it anymore><
the thing i wanna talk abt is,
i felt sad for her
don't ever do this anymore in any important exam which will effect your WHOLE LIFE
who else never did this before
i got caught once in SPM trial with half of the class of course
i don't dare to do it MYSELF laXD
then after that,
i NEVER EVER try to do it in any EXAM
just be proud of what you'd studied..try your best...

anyway,the day before,
WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!2 months in my hand and i smashed it while i wearing the earphone and finding stuff on the rack and i ter-pulled the earphone wire!!!!FUCK!!!the whole thing plus the cooler pad juz fell off frm the TABLE!!!!!!!
OUCH!!!!bt seriously when i try to use it...
nothing bad happened and amazingly i m still WEBCAMING with mel!!!!
then i felt so BAD then i told mel i wanna try to shut it down and on it back again...OK...after i off and on AGAIN...EVERYTHING GONE WRONG...daMN!!!the whole thing LAG like a SNAIL!!!
i don't even dare to tell my dad i smashed it on the floor..i juz ACT like NOTHING.....T.T
omg...felt even more GUILTY!!!!!!then now the lappie is in the SHOP...
then the fella pulak said is my software clash with VISTA...WTF...
i m wondering the fella know i smashed the lappie on the floor OR NOT??....
OR THE FELLA JUST WANNA MAKE $$$$ that's why she said is my software clashing with VISTA!!!????
URGH....GOD BLESS MY LAPPIE...i used to hate him...bt PLEASE i want HIM back!!!!!!T.T
SAD sob sob sob......i swear i will protect him frm now onwards!!!!


Nick尼克仔 said...

your laptop is a boy ar?
So now "HE" okay already or not?
Don't worry about it
everything will be fine~

Fion Chow said...

my lappie is a boy ba???
HEAVY and it's in BLUE...XD
SAKIT HATI man.......T.T
aih...now still at the SHOP!!!!