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Monday, July 6, 2009


Listening to Norah Jones’s DON'T KNOW WHY...

really so relax and i have the feeling

as I am really lying on the beach and

listen to the sound of the waves breaking on the shores…

perhaps, touching the sand...XD

all of a sudden, all my sadness,madness, stress just disappeared!!!

amazing rite??

well, this is why jazz songs are always said to respite us from stress..

i love JAZZ and SOUL

i wish i would fly away NOW..to somewhere

to HAWAII??OR MALDIVES?? or to your HEART???XD

LOVE sun , beach and sea!!!

many things happened recently and

i Can't control my emotions properly...

throwing tantrum easily...


p/s: luckily i didn't habour any illusions and deceive myself ...HAHA

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LiJi Ng said...

a lot of people dun like norah jones coz not they couldn't accept her voice.
I like her though. Definitely one of the best artists. Real musician.