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Monday, May 18, 2009

RANDOM post again~~

today...i m happy i m relief....hahaha...
i woke up with a great big smile...=)
overwhelm by HAPPINESS!!!!
i don't know where this happiness came from...
maybe daddy is coming back??
maybe i just got back my friendship???[never lose it before?]
maybe i reflect things that happened and finally i threw everything out of my mind??
maybe i grew up and understand something???
anyway....i m relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh shit!!!![sorry to be coarsely,sy you should learnt frm me~]
MY assignment!!!doomed!!!!HAHA...there's still something i need to do....
okay....i had squandered most of the time on MSN and fb and BLOG....
i m SO SORRY.....i just can't resist it!!!!!how tempting they ARE!!!!!
ok...its futile to look at the past....
let me work things out!!!
"you reap what you sow"=work hard!!!!
FION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU CAN!!!!!!!!NO MORE EXCUSE!!!!!!


SiNgyING said...

learn from u how to be polite??
hahahaha i am polite to some people..
u should be happy when i'm rough wif u..
tht mean i don nid to cover myself and be a fake sy..
in front of u i can be the real sy..
i no nid to worry tht my image will be ruin..
so i still won't purposely act polite..
this is sy dude!!
when i wan to be polite..
then i'll be it one day..
i noe wt i wan to dude..
let's work hard 2gether for it..

Nick尼克仔 said...

Hey...need to work hard lo!
sure you can make it!
keep on fighting!

fufu said...

yeah no excuses!! ybecause you can choose to live up the life... =p all the best my friend... just go visit my blog whenever you are down... leave comment too!

Paul said...

well, work hard.