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Thursday, April 2, 2009


me + X 2day damn damn damn emo~
i even tears on the train [i thinks X knows]
reach Y's house and i cannot control myself
Y came to hug me and i start to cry again~crying baby rite???
erm~~i don't know why X's emo~
anyway,i am worried abt him....
X's my friend~!!!i do care abt him!!!
this guy ,Z came~tell us joke and 3 of us relax abit
i do appreciate it~~~
potatoes and sweet potatoes??HAHA!!!omg~i also confused already
in fact....X left earlier....i hope he will be okay tomorow~~
i don't want my fren to be emo thou~~
TAKE CARE ok????
and Y you also!!!don;t be so EMO!!!i m worried ABT you!!!!!!!

before i left i have a pinky deal with Z
haha...so childish..haha...but damn cute la...
and i promise i will try~~~
to overcome this FEAR~~~okay???
erm~~BMW promise~~thx la~HAHA~~
Z.....can i have other promises????HAHA~~

something special happened~~this Z~my fren
he MEH
me today[erm....in canto]means to carry me on back la~!!
so funny la
he offered to piggy back me
and i accept his offer~~XD
actually he dun dare to carry me properly also la
scared i say he pok mong me!!~~
BT!!! if got ppl gendong me
i seriously dun care 1 lorr~~
nxt time carry me on your back AGAIN!!!HAHAHAHAHA~~~
life is short
and i shouldn't waste all the time on emo emo emo-ing rite???
ENJOY MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mel said...

WHO IS Y??????????
WHO IS Z??????????????

I WANNA KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Fion Chow said...

HAHAHAHA~~~don't wanna TELL you!!!!!!!WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!let you guess.....
bt i think XYZ won't be as popular as QF rite???HAHA!!!!

mYee . Edlyn said...

it'll be start from tomorrow or tuesday~