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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i want my life back!!!!!

i love music and i can't live without music

its APRIL now
time really flies very fast
within this few months...
many things gone through me
orientation,coll frens,language problems,audition,life,love,old fren vs new fren........many many more
the one who really know me
they will know what am i fussing around abt these few months
and i really appreciate all the opinions and care they gave me!!!!
i really APPRECIATE it!!!

erm...i think i really let off edi...
good to me rite??
feel relief~~
i know i m destined to be single forever~HAHA
and i m still single and available always...but love never wanted me~HAHA~!!
maybe i kena some jampi that i cannot find my real prince in my life~???HAHA~~~
i want to concentrate on my studies 1st...
studies i oso cannot control edi still abt all this kind of stuff meh???NONONONO
1st honour??HAHA!!!!thinking too much
don't fail enough edi!!!

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