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Friday, April 3, 2009


i remind myself not to be EMO today,because i made a promise on myself....
life is just too short~
and we just can't be EMO everyday rite????
it is waste of time!!!![omg...i had a guilty conscience now!!HAHA!!!]
many of them in my class today seems to be VERY EMO
some of them did not utter a word and i kinda worried about them....
what happened!????its not a good day today~~
and today
i felt that he HATES me!!!!
i don't know why i have this feeling!!!!
and i started to feel that
ppl around me kinda bored of me....
why why why?????????????????
maybe i m thinking too much....
ppls,bear with me!!!!!
i am always thinking too much

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Anonymous said...

be more confident with yourself.. MYee