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Friday, March 6, 2009


damn freakin tired today!!
suddenly!!!in miss meera class!~
at first i was hyper
at the discussion and arguing part!!![haha!!quite fun!!!]
but later that
i was like being hynoptised
started to yawn non-stop
and my eyes were going heavy n heavy and i'm trying very hard to OPEN it!!lol!!
see!!!~~undergraduate lawyer
i m too tired
mayb its because the assignment~~
slept too late???high probabilty~~
melvin said i hv deep DARK CIRCLE~
so obvious???damn!!!
i need sufficient n a good quality of sleep~~~maybe MASK!!haha~~
baby mel said[good quality of sleep normally = sufficient + no lights]
i think i don't have enough sleep~
ZZZZ~~i need to sleep sleep sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!yawning now!!!!

fuss abt something recently!~~
i was like Wt The heLL????
dun kacao me~i neeed REST!!!


Melvin said...

Very interesting..and you say you cant blog?

Fion Chow said...

haha~~humble mah~~hahah~~juz kidding~~