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Monday, March 23, 2009


know what?
today spent my whole day with Tc and Melissa ,add on:Jesslyn+Lester
TIRED but get to know them more and STUDY oso la~
KEEP all the SECRET okay????HAHA~~shh

can we continue study next time?
i swear i will be more concentrate!!!T.T
bt TC ~can we change place ah??/
the PC seems to distract me ALOT~!!!!!

something happened today and
fuss me damn alot
i know i m not allowed to CAMPUR TANGAN + busy body
but you guys know rite??
i m the only child
and FRIENDS are always important to me
i don't want them to be like HATE each other or watever la~
bt luckily~
everything solved~i think???
and now
i get to know more abt them~~RELI MORE MORE MORE
1st time talk to him on the phone for 30 minutes~!whoa~~

bt actually i kept silence for very long time oso coz i dunno how to EXPLAIN to him la~
bt frens wat~
i care abt them~i hope they don't mind
and if i did or said anything wrong~
SORRY kay??bear with me~

i am so sorry
dat you've to stay at your CAGE bcoz of me~~
i m petrified of your fury FACE and body and your INNOCENT look~~

and i wanna said to JESSLYN: you're damn pretty today~~Haha~

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