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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


actually seldom use english in blogging
bt i'll just try ok???
haha~my english damn cacat....T.T so gotta improve right??nevermind ,i'll just try
hhaha....kinda weird coz this is not my 1st and only blog
i hv more than 3 blogs and always end up with my laziness
kinda lazy to update
thats a leo's feature
always so easily get excited and also very easily get bored with new things~
hopfully i won't ditch this blog XD

gosh!miss my secondary frens so much!!!!
wish to see them everyday
miss the days in school
school life
bytheway i hv a happy new life now in BAC
ppl there are so outspoken
overnetworking--dats wat the lecturer said....
some of the lecturer said this is the 1st class ever which been TOO close just in one month time....
i think its the ORIENTATION EFFECT.....
meet many awesome ppl and cute ppl there
kinda close with the pretty and hot indian girls there!!~~~
they are all so kind to me and treat me like a younger sister~
so do the chinese fellas~
my classmates rockS!!!
so far so good ~
law rockS!!!
quite interesting thou~i mean criminal, love all those cases

i love my new college and my new friends~

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