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Monday, March 30, 2009

so called STUDY group!!!!!!!!

STUDY group usually cannot form successfully rite???
coz most of them will end up chating or playing without doing a single thing~~~
melissa said we still CONSIDER OK because we at least did something!!!HAHAHA
okay!!i consider as half truth!!!!
we will study at first~~
then after lunch sure gone case...hahaha
lost concentrate and distraction comes easily~~~
today i "studied" contract law...
ehem!!!!i did study~~~dun think too much!!!!!
erm...i still remembered i studied abt the foakes v beers....misrepresentation~~~BLA BLA BLA
MEL..urm...i think she studied abt the guild four case tht miss DONNA want us to read
and TC.....copying the royal prerogative only....i think he did the least~HAHA
due to some issues DAN ffk us
and left 3 of us studied only....BUT for sure he will regret 1 lorr....HAHAH....
met MEL's fren Viven +Kumar i think????damn funny that fella
made melissa laugh non stop and he PAKAT with TC to BULLY melissa...POOR MEL!!!!T.T
and TRY to FLIRT with ME!!!!!!HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!XD
oh ya....
melissa!!!blog abt the things that happened between TC and your HOT TEMPERED dog
damn funny~!!!!
let melissa tell you guys!!!!damn funny!!!!!!!!!

LATER....we went to TC house....
ate some CHOCOLATES...dark chocolate + m&m
i love chocolates....but~~~too FAT~~~~
CHICO...sorry again~~~
today we VISIT his house PROPERLY
found really nice spot~~~the garden the emo part of his PALACE....
we watched a LAME LAME LAME movie in the theater room???so called basement la~~~~
made me yawning and yawning and damn TIRED
feel to sleep!~~omg!~~even till now~~the sleepiness havent gone yet~~~~
reach home at 8.30 pm

anyway learnt a word today....thoroughly

check :happy 90% fun 90% tired 100% study 60%


Mel said...

lol, sure sure, i will blog about it :P uh, thhe show memang damn dumb lah lol, next time watch eagle eye :P ei, what's the name of the show again?

Anonymous said...

it's called NEXT u dumb dumb =]

Mel said...

HOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahhahaa, TEIK CHI LAI!!!! WRITE YOUR NAME lah :P :P berani cakap, berani tanggung!!! :P :P :P hee hee hee

Fion Chow said...

HAHA~~~so cute la you MELISSA~!!!hahaha~~omg~~~yeah
tc~~y put anonymous 1~~use your NAME la!!!!HAHA

Fion Chow said...

HAHAHA!!!!your english name is ANONYMOUS ah???WOW!!!nxt time call you anonymous la!!k???haha....coz so obvious its you la!!!HAHA!!!dumb dumb =)