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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

nice day???

i am damn damn damn tiring today
bt i am hyper dunno why???
OH!i got my ring frm mr poh today~~
haha~but he didn't take back his bracelet kinda of thing 0???
HOW???you want your thing bck????

hav bunch of fun today with tc and daniel
in PUBLIC LAW class
dis cute cute DAniel keep on falling asleep
and i m the one who massage him + hit him to make him sane~HAHA
and TC,
we play a fool of each other
and write many things in his note book~
that fella damn funny today
[shakira!dis is his real character!!,he's not quiet at all!!!!!!in fact he's talkative!!!^0^]
and he keeps on "bullying" 美麗莎
you have so many nick name now!!!!omg~!!
SEE~!!!TC you are bullying my fren again!!!

in the way bck to home
meng yee,logan,daniel and me
had lot of chitchat in the ktm
we talked abt
hot guys, pretty girls,life,age,relationship??and QF!![omg!!melvin!even mengyee is following your story!!!!]
reli had lots of fun in the train and the college TODAY!!!!!

CHECK:happy 65%
talkative 120%
crazy 80%


Mel said...

mwuahaahahahahaha, leng lui in name and leng lui in nature!!! mwuahahhahaha perasan-ing now mwuahahahha

Fion Chow said...

omg!!reli perasan la you!!!HAHA!!!omg cannot tahan gelinya!!!!