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Saturday, March 14, 2009


ok! today went for a small jogging with my beloved friend,
and we ate BAK KUT TEH after that,omg!i miss the soup so much!!!
LATER,we went for movies,MARLEY and ME
its a great movie
as wat trishil said,it is touched!!!omg!!!i cried at the last part!!T.T
wiping my tears with my sleeve~~
i told BOEY dat i should watch this movie with my bf~so dat i could cry on his SHOULDER!~haha
haha~for so long i didn't cry in movies....
the previous 1 i think it was the "money not enuf 2"??
dat was damn sad, and i couldn't stop the tears...okay i m an emotional gurl~~VERY EMOTIONAL ONE
haha~~i think i got something frm this movie
i realized that to bond a long relationship is very hard ,seriously HARD
bt thats the thing i needed, i THINK????every woman needs it i think???
thats the way to make you MORE SECURE????
i don't know as i never been into a relationship before
but i hope my relationships will be a longer period 1
coz i m serious ~okay lack of experience???
on the other hand
dogs are cute ,i knew it
but i m juz scared of it,
how am i supposed to petrified of these cute little things????
i juz don't know why????

i think
a man should have all the qualities of a dog
coz dog are loving
dogs are caring
dogs are loyal
okay~maybe one day i'll have to overcome this phobia~~
phobia to man and dogs
love you guys okay!!!!!gud nite~~~


Mel said...

LOL, MARLEY AND ME!!!!!!!! nice show :P

Anonymous said...


Melvin said...

Hahaha FINALLY you updated.
Sounds like you had a good day.
I came back at 7Am today too and had to baby sit my lil cousin it was bad.
I'm dying to see that movie tho,
heard theres a japanese viersion too

Fion Chow said...

MR Anonymous~~~okay MR TC...
dogs are loyal
nowaday very hard to find a man with this kind of qualities okay????

Fion Chow said...

you gotta watch it!!!
jap version??
haha!!gotta find it!!!

MYee . Edlyn said...

I haven watch Marley & Me also...
But finally you updated your blog yea...
I'm going to become giraffe d..
if you still don't update it.. >.<
cannot have phobia to man and dog... lol
you need to patoh and marry de