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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


gurls dun think like the way guys think
GURLS are emotional
they follow the direction thru their feeling
they follow the direction rationally~

even though they know they will hurt someone else and break someone's heart
girls only believe wat they SEE
girls are fragile

the thing you did might hurt her badly and you won't even realise that you've hurt her....

ok....i m crapping here
so don't bother much abt what i have said
i m just EMO-ing....
i'm in extremely BAD mood....
please don't ask me why
i hate to explain
everyone have their own way to express their feelings and mood
i am one that needs the quiet and silence before i can unleash all my feelings

i know people CHANGES from time to time
i just have to get used to it.....rite????
if he really don't care about it,
then why should i care so much?
[Je pense que je vais juste laisser aller]

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Mel said...

가자 :)

Only if you are sure lol