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Thursday, March 5, 2009


sigh!!oh gosh!!!wait!!
wish rachel a happy 19 birthday first!!!
i know her for 13 years ~
quite long huh??
we knew each other since 7 years old~~
wish her enjoy her birthday in KTV today!!!!
i had to go bck early for some tuition...sorry~

assignment!!!omg!!what to do????
contract assignment!!!havent finish yet!!!!
nononono!!!! i didn't even started my assignment!!!omg!!!
tc went to mel house just for the assignment!!~and tc ditched mel for something else
he still havent finish ~~bt mel did half way edi~omg~~
so frustrated
i havent start bt already damn freakin panic ~dunno why????
oh shit~i gotta start writing now~
tonite want mamak summore~
go go go!!!!gambate!!!
MR tC~you betta start now!!!!XD

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