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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Do People Still Read Blogs?

There was/were once, 
we were so hyped up with all these new platform for us to express our feelings
There was/were once, 
we tried to changed the interface with html and doing it for countless times, trial and error
There was/were once,
we select pictures out of thousands, editing it to perfect to be posted in our blogs
There was/were once,
we commented in every friend's blog after they updated
There was/were once,
it's a secret place where we hid our little secret
There was/were once,
everyone started their own blog, and it became a public diary

Now, there is Facebook, blogs seems to be less interested, but it became safe again.

How much of you still write blogs and read blogs?
I m happy to say, i am back, like finally.

Too much to say. like really TOO MUCH.

Year 2016-Year 2017 Transition period,
alot had changed

my best friend found his first love; and still going on
my best friend get a job in saudi; and still enjoy drinking
after my best friend's first single valentines, she get a boyfriend; and gonna be married
my best friend finally get to enter his favourite career; and having a great life
my best friend finally opened his new shop; still working hard
and alot more of changes....

and, i have met someone; it had just gone sour
and, i finally resigned; 5 more days to wrap this

the transition made me realized that life is kept changing, you could never predict what will happen next, including your own life. 

well maybe the next update, i would become a grab driver. 
Who knows. No one knows. Not even the GOD.

Friday, August 12, 2016

2016 First Post

again, time flies, I didn't even bid goodbye to Year 2015, and it's already 2016!!!! due to the long hiatus it could be random thoughts and also some blabbering, so make your way to exit if you don't really want to know...It's a long winded post with heavy picture flow to show what i actually did in Year 2015

(因为很重要所以要重复三次 *it's too important not to repeat)

okay i kinda gave up, SO MANY PICTURES to manage, 
I just can't..... lmao, i've updated it all on FB instead. Sorrryyyyy i am too lazy you know FB is more convenient, in case you're still reading this, leave a comment and let me know i would update more often i guess. i love all my friends 
And Hi There Year 2016, Hello, and it's already August!!! MY MONTH!!! MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! and i've finally decided to continue this post since what?when?  January?? 
hahaahah SORRYYYY

anyway, a wrap for 2015 lar....2015 is a year full of up and down and what i learnt the most from last year was to be truthful to yourself, never believe a betrayer, broken relationship couldn't be mend, health is important than anything, and a lot more.

Life has changed, especially when you start to work. 
This is my first job ever as a lawyer. A full time lawyer.
Challenges, lifestyle, colleagues, everything starts to change your world. and Indeed, i believe i do changed. me myself. I don't know how people see me and how they judge me, i just believe i have alot more stuff to complete and words couldnt change my thought.

Hello 2016 like finally. lol

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hi There Cambodia

Warning a photo spamming blog post, sorry for my grammar, i am never good in those.
Here we go!!!

This would likely to be the first overseas trip with my high school gang.
Only for one REASON: Ah Gam's Wedding!!!
It sounds so crazy right? anyway, it's a great opportunity/excuse  for us to travel together!!!
I've been anticipating for this for the longest time of my life!!!

I've spending alot of time to research, reading websites, blogs to get ready for the trip and i've even prepared an itinerary (yesh! For the first time in my life)!!!! I could be really serious if i want!! lol   

All of a sudden, Gervin proposed to make a Wedding Gift and we agreed!!! 
Hence, 3 of us stay till late night in McD to prepare the gifts.Those were the time when Gervin is still single, and have plenty of times lol


Printed Photos

we even thought of writing the khmer language but it't TOO HARD lol

The hardworking Girl

and the artistic Guy #假掰文青


We prepared the wedding gifts like 1 or 2 days before the departure.

So many first time by doing all these...We are really the best partner in crime!!! ;)

Money Prepared! USD!!! Hyped!!!

Say Bye to Malaysia

with an excited heart, i fall asleep in the flight.
and whoop!! we reached in Siam Reap!!
Actually, we have planned to make a small trip in Siam Reap and attend to Gam's wedding the day after in Phnom Penh
so our HOLIDAY STARTS!!!!!

Our Hostel in Siamp Reap

The first meal in Siam Reap!!

So basically, what to do in Siam Reap? 
There's only one thing to do which is : Historical Site Visit, The ANGKOR WAT.

We've even bumped into Hinhuaians!!!!!! omg what a small world!!!

My Angkor Pass!! EW i look so yongsui!!!

Every single shit that i've prepared make no sense at all, when i read the historical of Angkor Wat, it's seems that i understand, but when i reached there, it blow my mind and basically i remember nothing!! HAHAHA. It's really a place that i would definitely go back again! i've never had enough! i need someone to explain it on the spot when i visit Angkor Wat the next time. Need a tour guide!!! Free and Easy and have ample time to walk every single site....

The Bunk Bed concept in our Hostel is really to my liking! even the colors! ;)

btw, the gang is really getting drunk everynight lol

If you are wondering, this is the first batch, we have another batch is going straight to Phnom Penh!! 

They are the 2nd batch!!

Idk....soup base is weird the ingredients are a little weird too..lol

and we finally meet up!!! we off the lights and make the karaoke singing become a clubbing spot. i have some video but i will keep it safe with me HAHAAHA

A great thanks to Ah Gam's friends in Cambodia to make us comfortable in any sense. A mini Van was booked for our arrival and we filled up the van!!! can you do a head count here?!! 

back to the hotel and She's my roomate alongside with Theresa and June...

They really wanna be drunk every single night! Trust me!! my alcoholic friends!!! therefore we were off to the SKY BAR! Floor 23..it's like a mini town with a skybar and the night view is fantastic...they even have a live band!! 

Tbh, before we reached, i was having imagination like it's a very run down place and with loads of paddy fields, farms and animals that sort of countryside view in my mind. you can't blame me after an 8 hour ride from Siam Reap to Phnom Penh, the view outside the windows were all muddy road and countryside. 

 Kampung A

It was like this for 8 hours okay!!!!

Well, being one of the largest city in Cambodia, 
don't be too shocked! 
Phomn Penh have clubs, casino, shopping mall and karaoke too!!!
Let the picture do the talks!! 

my lovely friends

It was chilling and lively that night...the night is indeed too young!!! 
but, we have a wedding to attend tomorrow morning and we had to go back to the Hotel!! 
we had a final touch up for the wedding gift and we are all off to sleep.

IT has been 5 months ago, and i can't really remember those details very clearly, but the habit of taking pictures, somehow reminds me of something. The rituals of a khmer wedding, you can clearly see from the pictures, the whole thing started around 6 am in the morning, we were in the hall around 6.30am...It's REALLY GOD DAMN EARLY for god sake! hahaha!!! However, all of us dress up nicely despite of the late night hang out.

The set up with fresh flowers!!

the handsome Bridegroom

the stage was filled with all variety of household needs

the couple with green apples ;) 
and yeah Pkun is here this time..i heard bells ringing!!!

Yes it's them, Elward and JiaChin, they were here too!! another ringing bells!!! 
omg i must wear my shades!!! too bright!!! 

Yes Chloe with her boy Ah Zhe, wait...it's this a a flaunting game?!!! lol
Well last but not least, the long run couple, Wen Chuan and Zivien...

All these only shows that we are all grown up, we are bringing plus ones, next will be your spouse, your kids, your grandchild. How time flies, and i am still wondering, when will i found my Mr right? 
Error: 404 Not Found 

okay, calm our tits!! let's continue with the pictures...

basically it's a concept of "上门提亲" "proposal of marriage" where the parents of the bridegroom side will bring alot of stuff to the bride's house to show their sincerity..yeah and we are acting in behalf of Ah Gam as his friends.

Did you guys notice, everything was in two? 
prolly to double the happiness???!!! 
hahaha!!! i was just bullshiting, 
i guess in Chinese marriage, everything need to be "Double" 
which carries a meaning of "成双成对" "Pairs"
They are chinese too!!! 
and most of Ah Gam's relatives speaks Cantonese which bring us to a new level of culture shock!!!! 

Ah Gam's friend gave us a small brief for the population of Cambodia, 
the Teochew people make up the largest Chinese sub-group in Cambodia and make up about 70% of the Chinese population!!!So yeah!! there are Cantonese and Hokkiens which explain the whole story...

Basically the wedding held in two sessions, first morning sessions, with all the Khmer Rituals + Chinese Rituals, I think the love birds could get numb on face for smiling too much on the few hours pictures taking!!!  We could barely talk to him because he was too busy!! however it was a great experience to witness those beautiful moments of a best friend!!!

The bridemaids, they don't have the playing fool on hengdai's session??

The girls!! i was so effing fat and what's with my slippers??!!!!

 The Gang

Congrats my best friend!! 
may you be showered with happiness and love every time from now on!!!

OMG too much of pictures, and i am too lazy to elaborate..HAHAHA bear with me, part 2 will be up SOON...which i don't know when!! HAHAHA just wait!!! Love y'all!!!!